Celebrating Disciple 1 Bible Study

    Jan 26, 2024 |

    During 2023, a small group of believers met weekly to do an in depth study of the entire Bible, beginning with Genesis in January and ending with Revelation in November. We met for two hours once a week to read scripture, answer questions, and most importantly, to have deep, nonjudgmental discussions about the Bible, our faith, and our discipleship.

    This was Disciple I. The experience was both powerful and empowering. As we studied together, our friendship grew strong and our faith grew stronger. We would encourage anyone who desires a better understanding of the Bible, who wants to strengthen their faith, who wants to learn the meaning of discipleship to consider making the commitment to undertake Disciple I.

    Some heartfelt thoughts from our group:

    “My time in Disciple I was life changing. While it is an intense study, the exploration we did as a group really helped me grow in my faith. And after our time together, I think of the members of the group as family. I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

    “Disciple Bible Study isn’t quick or easy. But with the effort, you gain a much better awareness of the richness and meaning of scripture, and you make great friends while you’re at it.”

    “We, as a group of Believers, studied together the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation more in depth, sharing our thoughts, questions, and insights, which has helped us apply more of the Scriptures in our everyday walk with Jesus.”

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