Since it's beginning in 2019, the Backpack Ministry had grown from one school to now include three elementary schools in the HEB ISD,  Donna Park, Harrison Lane and Shady Oaks. In less than four years:

  • The number of children served has grown from 28 to 115
  • The number of items in each backpack increased from 15 to 18
  • The cost of each backpack has risen from $5.34 to $6.16

The members of FUMC Hurst graciously support the Backpack Ministry in three ways:

  1. Through donations of identified items that can be purchased and placed in the purple tub located in the Atrium.
  2. Monetary donations to the Backpack Ministry through alter-rail offerings, designated day offerings and regular offerings through the designated giving of the church budget.
  3. By volunteering two hours each Tuesday to pack and deliver the food to the three schools that have been purchased by the Coordinators the preceding day.

It is because of the generosity and prayers of the membership of First United Methodist Church of Hurst that 115 children in our school neighborhood have food to eat over each weekend of the HEB-ISD school year. The Backpack Ministry teams that implement the program and the children who receive the backpacks are also grateful beyond measure to the members, clergy and staff of FUMC Hurst for making this ministry possible.

Backpack Ministry Coordinators: Larry and Carolyn Kitchens

2022-23 Team Members

2023 Substitute Team Members

For further information contact:
Larry Kitchens: 817-308-6667
Carolyn Kitchens: 817-312-6872
FUMC Hurst Office: 817-282-7384