Jen's 2023 Word of the Year

by Jennifer Acker on January 19, 2023

It’s January, so it’s time again to select a word of the year (if you like doing that sort of thing)!

In case you have not read my past few December/January blogs, here is a recap of my past words of the year:

2018: NOW (practicing living in the present)
2019: NEW (making MANY things new)
2020: 52 different words (I chose a new one each week, and it was pretty cool)

Is selecting a word of the year is something you have done each year? If so, I wonder what YOUR most recent words have been.

For those who are really curious about my 2023 word of the year, it is: MOMENTS.

This year, I am going to do my best to:

  • REMIND MYSELF that moments are just that…moments.
  • REMIND MYSELF to enjoy and savor the positive moments.
  • REMIND MYSELF that negative moments will pass, and negative moments do not have to define my day, week, month, year, or life.
  • REMIND MYSELF that God is present with me in BOTH the negative AND positive moments.

Just like in previous years, the next step for me now is to start looking into the strategies and spiritual practices that will help me focus on my word of the year (prayer, art, music, additional Bible verses, conversation with others, books, journaling, etc.).

In Children’s Sunday School on Epiphany Sunday, we talked about how the Wise Ones were guided by the star that led them to Jesus. We talked about what the guiding word may have been for the Wise Ones on their journey (maybe HOPE?). I wonder what you think it may have been. We then gave each of the children a star and a list of words so that they could select their guiding star word of the year. We encouraged the children to select a word that would help bring them closer to God, others, and God’s work in the world this year. The children selected their words and their words will soon be posted in the glass case in the rock hallway. If you are someone who would like to select a guiding star word for 2023, then you are welcome to add your guiding star word to the class case (extra stars will be in the case for you to use).

I wonder: Will you pick a word for 2023?
I wonder: What word/phrase/verse will you pick (or have already picked)?
I wonder: Why/How did you pick your word (or how did IT pick YOU)?
I wonder: Will you share it with us or with someone close to you?

I pray that you will focus in on the MOMENTS in your life and make as many of them as possible meaningful to you and to those around you. I also hope you will praise God for the positive moments and look for where you see God appearing in the midst of the negative moments, because God is ALWAYS there.

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