The Scripture Seekers Sunday School Class

    Aug 30, 2022 |

    Sundays at 9:45 a.m. in Isham 101 Classroom

    As our name implies, the main focus of our class is Bible Study. Our membership consists of adults of various ages, both singles and couples, with various backgrounds, lifestyles, occupations, and interests. Our common link is the desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s will through the study of His Word. 

    As we study the scripture together, we encourage discussion and comments. This allows us the privilege of looking at things from various perspectives. We learn not only from the one who is leading the class, but from each other. Our members participate in church wide mission projects and activities and enjoy occasional social get togethers. We support each other in good times and in bad through our prayers and friendship. If this sounds like the kind of class you might enjoy being a part of, we invite you to join us.

    Reflections from Scripture Seekers Class participants:

    From Jim and Aneta Rhodes:

    “We like this class because it encourages discussion and comments from the members who are of various ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations. This allows us to look at things from different perspectives. Our growth in discipleship is impacted by our study of the Bible and as we participate in church-wide missions and activities.”

    From Pat Marhefka:

    “We all feel free to give our opinions about the scripture and what it means to us without any judgement.  Everyone has a different perspective and I enjoy learning from everyone. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and you feel like you can be yourself.”

    From Linda Anderson:

    “I participate in Scripture Seekers because it is a class devoted to Bible Study, and because everyone is welcome. I also enjoy the class because members support and pray for one another. My growth in discipleship over the past 30 years has come from active weekly study of the Bible as well as participation and contribution to mission projects and other FUMC Hurst initiatives.”

    From Bob and Linda Poer:

    “We joined Scripture Seekers during Covid and all classes were over Zoom. We met everyone that way and became comfortable with everyone. When the church opened up, we were “old” members. It was very important to us to make that connection during isolation.” 

    From Bob Shelton:

    “As a class teacher (hopefully more of a facilitator), I am probably too biased to give a statement, because I do enjoy the class so much. I generally get more of a blessing out of what others in the class share than what I have to bring to the table. It is a casual discussion, but focused on God's Word and how it applies to us today. It's an open fellowship where we share blessings and prayer requests. It's almost like a home Bible study.”

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