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Delayed But Not Diminished...

    Jan 4, 2021 | by Bill Webb

    This time last year in a post entitled “Looking Back” we mentioned that we were “On the eve of 150 years…” During the coming new year of 2020, we, FUMC Hurst, were to be “looking back” over those 150 years and celebrating our 150th anniversary.

    Well, our anniversary year turned out to be a lot different than we expected. Blind-sided by the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to change a lot of how we do things and cancel some things altogether. One of those things was our 150th year anniversary celebration planned for October. That, like other in-person activities, had to be cancelled - a casualty of the pandemic.

    Through it all, however, our church staff have worked tirelessly to help us all deal with this situation. Many of our Sunday School groups meet via Zoom. We worship together but at home while the service is streamed to us. We miss the choir and congregational singing but the Music Ministry finds ways to lead us in worship. Youth and Children’s Ministries innovate to keep a feeling of contact and inclusion alive. A caring Older Adult Ministry reaches out in new ways. Christmas services were unique and meaningful.

    We adapted.

    Yes, we have adapted and found ways to continue to minister to ourselves and to others despite the unforeseen events, just like this congregation has done for over 150 years. This past year is sort of like 1918 when the Spanish Influenza pandemic raged. Isham Chapel had been meeting for fewer than 50 years then. So much has happened over the past 150 years and, of course, much of it was unforeseen but our congregation has made it through. We have survived and even thrived despite the hardships.

    As to our anniversary celebration, when the time and circumstances are right, we will have it; just not right now.

    Yes, our celebration has been delayed but the reason for that celebration is not diminished.

    On the contrary, the current difficulty we are working through can make our 150th anniversary celebration all the sweeter and more poignant as we remember the people, ministries, activities, sacrifices and more that contributed to FUMC Hurst’s becoming the loving, welcoming, serving church family that it is today. We should and will look back on all of that.

    “Looking back” is still important but so is looking forward.

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