Prayer is an important part of our spiritual journey and how we connect with God. Below are a few prayer tools you may wish to use.

Sometimes a visual helps center us.

  • Light a candle.
  • The use of religious icons/pictures is an ancient prayer practice.
  • Spend time focusing on our discipleship logo. How is God speaking to you about connecting with God, people, and purpose?
  • Click the button below to view a 15 minute time-lapse video of the Jesus window in our Sanctuary capturing the light as it changes from pre-dawn darkness through the light of day to restful evening.


Sometimes our hands need something to do.

    • Use prayer beads that you have made at an All Church Prayer Night. If you have children or youth active at FUMC Hurst, they probably have some you can use!
    • Hold a small cross (there are some available on the table across from the Connect Desk) or a stone.
    • Many have turned household chores into prayer practice. Perhaps try praying while folding laundry, washing dishes, or vacuuming.

Sometimes our minds wander.

  • Do you like to write? Write a letter to God and let it be your prayer.
  • Do you sing or play an instrument? We have an entire songbook of prayers in our Bible, the book of Psalms! Spend time singing or playing songs that help you focus on God.
  • Do you like to doodle? Have you tried Praying in Color? Perhaps you create a Thanksgiving prayer for all you are thankful for about FUMC Hurst or people within our community you wish to pray for. Click the button below to view a 5 minute video description.


Sometimes our bodies need something to do.

  • There is something about assuming a prayer posture with our bodies when we pray. Some options are sitting with palms open, kneeling, laying on floor with arms outstretched creating the shape of a cross with your body.
  • Come to the church and go on a walk through the neighborhood surrounding the church, or even just the church building and pray as you walk.
  • Go on a walk in your own neighborhood and use the time to ask God for guidance on how to share God's love with your own neighbors.
  • Go take a walk around one of our adopt-a-schools and pray for the students and teachers.