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Prop Box Ideas

Dramatic play supports children’s development through pretending by building social skills, making children aware of their own emotions, and encouraging shared language and problem solving. Sometimes we use “prop boxes” to help spur their creativity! Prop boxes are themed boxes that contain a collection of props the children can play with during dramatic play. Day School is currently collecting specific items for prop boxes.

Donations can be dropped off at the Day School office or the church office.

The Beach
beach towel | sunglasses | shells| buckets/shovels
beach ball| beach hat| empty suntan lotion bottle
beach bag
Flower Shop
artificial flowers | plastic flower pots | plastic vases | small pads of paper          
seed packets | florist smock | garden gloves | ribbon
styrofoam squares | garden hat|watering can | cash register
cookie sheets | measuring spoons| mixing bowls | spatulas
aprons | chef hat | muffin tins | cake pans| wooden spoons
rolling pins| Playdoh| cookie cutters| recipe box| oven mitts
canteen | small skillet| flashlight | small cooler binoculars
camping chair (child’s)| small tent | child’s fishing pole  maps
bug catchers | butterfly net | pretend bugs
lab coats |  stethoscope | cotton balls | band aids | scale  telephone
x-rays  | doctor bag    
white dresses(child’s) | bow ties | veil or lace curtain | camera
decorations | old child’s suit | flowers | bride magazines
Hair stylist
Wigs and wig heads| plastic combs/brushes | hair accessories
hand mirror | plastic capes | hair dryer | curling iron
rollers | empty shampoo bottles| appointment book| towels
Office worker
file folders  |  old 10-key calculator | typewriter | briefcase | memo pad   
phones | pencil holder | stapler | paper | paperclips
junk mail
Ice Cream Parlor
ice cream scoopers |cash register/play money | empty ice cream tubs
Aprons | paper cones |  pomp om balls
Post Office
All size envelopes | priority mail envelopes | cancelled stamps
boxes | packing tape
Pet Store
stuffed animals | leashes | food bowls | pet toys | collars
pet carriers
gloves | ear muffs | scarves | mittens | hats
Birthday Party
party hats | cups/plates | streamers | gift wrap | tape | bows 
empty boxes | pretend birthday cake
Color Themed Boxes
Anything small of any solid color






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Stephen Ministry

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