Starting Point

If you are new to the Christian faith, to this particular church, to being United Methodist, or new to asking questions about faith, Starting Point is for you! This series of conversations and classes is designed to help you learn about the church and discover ways to connect with people, with God, and with your purpose through the life and ministries of the church. All events take place Sundays at 9:45 am in Wesley 120.

First Sunday

The first Sunday of every month is set aside as a time for informal conversation with a pastor or staff and members from the congregation. It’s a time for you to learn about the church, and for us to get to know you!

More Info

Offered September and March

Offered November and May

Offered January and July

“This Is Us” - Three week series focused on our church’s understanding of discipleship as connection. Learn more about connecting with God through worship and prayer, connecting with people through learning, caring and sharing, and connecting with purpose through tithing and serving. (Offered March and September)

“UMC, A to Z” - Three week series focused on the vocabulary, theology, and practices that are unique to United Methodism. Who is John Wesley? What do Methodists understand about baptism, salvation, communion, and grace? (Offered May and November)

“Spiritual Gifts” - Three week series focused on learning about and identifying your own spiritual gifts. What are Spiritual Gifts? What gifts do I have? How can I best use the gifts I have been given to serve God and others? (Offered January and July)

For more information, email Sarah Garza, Director of Connecting Ministries,