First United Methodist Church of Hurst Foundation (Foundation)

The Foundation is a perpetual fund that creates a living legacy and a permanent source of financial support for the First United Methodist Church of Hurst (FUMC Hurst).

Here are some examples of what the Foundation has been able to do most recently. The Foundation funded the initial startup costs for our translation suite which enables us to translate our Sunday morning services into both Spanish and French. Through the Foundation, over ten thousand dollars in college and graduate school scholarship money has been dispersed over the last two years. After our congregation gave over and above to replace the two large sanctuary air conditioning units in 2015, it has been the legacy gift of Edna Anderson that has enabled the church to continue the upgrade to our Sanctuary air conditioning without using any budget funds. All of these things were made possible through legacy giving by individuals and families who included the Foundation in their long term giving plans.

First United Methodist Church of Hurst Foundation (Foundation) FAQ's

Does the Foundation need my gift?
Yes, gifts of all types and sizes are needed and considered by the Foundation. Considerations are governed by the Foundation's gift acceptance policy. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the gift acceptance policy.

What are the methods of donating?
There are several ways to designate gifts to FUMC Hurst, providing a lasting tribute to God though supporting the ministries of our church. Methods include:

  • Bequests through a will of a fixed amount or percentage
  • Stocks and bonds
  • IRA or retirement account designation ( all or part )
  • Gift annuities
  • Payable-on-death account (bank or brokerage account)
  • Trusts
  • Retirement plan
  • Personal property
  • Real estate
  • Life insurance (all or part of a policy)
  • Life-income contract
  • Memorial gifts made by you now honoring others or memorial / tributes in your honor by relatives or friends.
  • Contributions by you while living, so you may receive the tax benefits now.

This list is for information only. Please consult your attorney, accountant or financial advisor for donation methods best suited to your situation.

Would I have to rewrite my will?
Even if you already have a will, you may be able to amend it. You may want to include a version of the following sentence in your estate plan or beneficiary documents: I give the [amount or percent of estate and/or type of asset] to the Foundation of the First United Methodist Church of Hurst, Texas to further the mission and ministries of the church. For assistance and guidance in leaving a gift to the Foundation in your estate plans, please contact Senior Pastor, Philip Rhodes at 817-282-7384. If you have already included the Foundation in your giving plans, we thank you. Since we may not be aware that you intend to leave assets to the church in your will, please let us know so we can express our gratitude for your generosity, thoughtfulness and forward vision.

How does the Foundation operate?
Management of the Fund is entrusted to the Foundation, which is composed of nine members elected by the FUMC Hurst Charge Conference. It includes six members elected at-large for three-year overlapping terms, along with the chairs of the Church Council, Finance Committee and Board of Trustees. Our Senior Pastor & Business Manager are Ex-Officio members of the Foundation.

The Foundation has specific duties spelled out in the Foundation by-laws and operates as a separate non-profit (501c3). All operations are conducted in compliance with the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline. The Foundation reports annually to the First United Methodist Church of Hurst Charge Conference. The Foundation Funds are invested with the Texas Methodist Foundation.

What is the future vision of First United Methodist Church of Hurst, Texas?
While only God knows the future of our church, undoubtedly the church's vision will be accomplished using the congregation's minds, hands, hearts and financial resources. It is our hope and prayer that over the next 10, 25, 50 and 100 years, that God’s vision for FUMC Hurst will be fulfilled utilizing these permanent foundation funds!

First United Methodist Church of Hurst will continue the far-reaching work of the church. FUMC Hurst will adapt to meet new needs and embrace new circumstances. FUMC Hurst will use its resources to accomplish remarkable things, things unknown and unimaginable to us today.

The Foundation is a permanent source of funding for expanding the reach of God's kingdom through FUMC Hurst and into the world. Praise God for all of these opportunities.