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You and your children are very special at our church. Our church community recognizes the importance of the loving, caring environment you desire for your child while you worship. It is our goal to provide loving caregivers and a clean and nurturing church setting to set the example of sharing God's love with your child. For questions or concerns, contact Misty Miller, Coordinator of Nursery Ministries, at


First United Methodist Church employs paid caregivers for Sunday mornings and when child care is needed for special events or meetings throughout the week. Each room is staffed with at least two paid caregivers who are trained and CPR certified.

Nursery Rooms for Sunday Mornings

In order to provide the best developmentally appropriate care for our children on Sunday mornings, nursery rooms are based more upon a child's developmental stage, than his or her specific age. Children will move to the next appropriate level as caregivers and parents see need. If you have a question about which room is best for your child, our Coordinator of Nursery Ministries, Misty Miller, is readily available to assist parents.

  • Nursery (C101)
  • Walkers (C102)
  • Talkers (C104): Children stay in this room until they are 2 years old and are promoted.
  • Nursing Moms' Room (C105)

C = Children's Building

Childcare During Special Events/Meetings

Child care for meetings and special events throughout the week is provided as needed for parents who remain on the church campus. You may register online through your specific event. If you have questions about whether child care is provided for an event, contact the person responsible for your meeting or the church office, 817.282.7384. We must have at least 48 hours notice to schedule workers.

Your Child's Safety is Important

Our church provides a two-part sticker security system so parents will be comfortable leaving their children in the nursery. Please fill out the two stickers with your child's name: one serves as the child's nametag and the other part of the sticker remains with the parent. A parent or guardian must return and show this label in order to pick up the child. For maximum security, please do not send friends or relatives (including older siblings) to pick up your child. Additionally, if your child has any allergies, please be sure to include that information.

Each family is asked to take a silent pager for children under two years of age, in case they are needed at any time during their church activity. There are sign in sheets for special instructions. Parents, please do not enter the room when dropping off or picking up your child. This will insure safety of all children —those who crawl and those who need special instructions—and also so children do not become anxious to leave when other adults are in the room.

What To Bring?

Please bring diapers, bottles, pacifier, and a change of clothes. Clearly label all your child's belongings: cups, blankets, diaper bags, pacifiers, bottles, change of clothes, etc. Avoid bringing toys from home, as they are easily left behind, along with other items (such as snack food) that you do not want your child to have while in the nursery. Please pack diaper bags carefully, so caregivers can easily find what they need. Let a caregiver know of any special needs your child may have. Communication with staff will help insure the best care for your child. Please label everything!
Our nurseries are peanut and tree nut-free zones. Please do not send any snacks with nuts in them.

Sick Policy

Caregivers are instructed not to admit children who are displaying the following signs of illness to the nursery/child care: vomiting, diarrhea, fever or antibiotics for less than 24 hours, yellow or green mucus production, coughing, eye infections, Chicken Pox. If your child develops these symptoms while in the nursery, you will be asked to take him/her home. These guidelines are provided for the best interest of all our children. Caregivers are not allowed to administer medication.

Separation Anxiety

As children grow, they become quite aware of their surroundings, especially the people around them. There are several ways to make the time of adjustment easier for parents and children:

  • Be consistent in your attendance. Attending regularly helps your child become familiar with the caregivers and the room.
  • Take a pager for children under two; you will be called if needed. Our policy is to call parents if their child has been crying continuously for ten minutes.
  • Do not linger. Give your child a kiss and tell them you are going to church and you will be back for them—then leave quickly. The sight of you only makes things harder for both of you. You will be paged if needed.
  • If a child is upset week after week, it can be helpful for one parent to stay for the hour. This reassures the child as they become familiar with new surroundings.
  • Leave the child and their belongings with the caregiver at the door if you are not planning to stay in the room. This helps reduce confusion and anxiety among all of the children.
  • Talk to caregivers—tell of needs, concerns, attitudes, favorite blanket, nap times, etc. Share any information that will be helpful to the child and the caregiver while you are away. Also include this information on your child's security sticker.


Infants are baptized regularly during all three worship services. To schedule a baptism, contact Lynn Carter, 817.282.7384.



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