Transitions: The Harmony Class

    Dec 22, 2021 | by Rev. Donna McKee

    Traditionally, Sunday school classes are groups that meet together every Sunday morning for study, prayer and fellowship. They learn, pray, question, serve, celebrate, grieve and grow in the faith together. Often classes stay together for years and the relationships forged within these classes are strong and enduring. One of the things we forget is that, just as we go through ages and stages in life, Sunday school classes do the same thing. Inevitably, the time comes when a group decides that they can no longer function as a class and they make the decision not to meet on Sunday morning. This was the difficult decision that the Harmony Class made recently.

    Harmony had been together for many years and cleaning out their Wesley 122 classroom was bittersweet, a walk down memory lane for them. This was lively, welcoming group and was extremely passionate about learning. They even purchased many of the Bible studies we have in our church library today.

    Early on, the class adopted the following mission statement: Because God has accepted us as we are, we will strive to accept all people. We welcome diversity as we hope to become an inclusive part of a church of open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We will give ourselves to acts of mercy to the community at large.

    It was not surprising that Harmony chose a unique way to close out their time as an “official” Sunday school class. Joyce Weaver writes, “When Harmony realized that we had met our goal as a class and also realized that our age prohibited further class activities, some of us decided that rather than feel that it was a negative to close out the formal class, we would have a celebration.”

    They contacted all the members and met at a local restaurant. Joyce goes on to say, “We brought our scrapbooks along and distributed pics to those who wanted them. We talked about our mission statement and how we had fulfilled it many times over. We talked about our members who are at Home and the many celebration of lives we had hosted or eulogized. We laughed and laughed about all of the parties, the goofs, the many studies we had. No one at the celebration expressed regret, but did talk about all of the good memories, good times, and the wonderful Bible studies we had. Friendships still exist and always will, I’m sure.”

    Wesley 122 is now the Handbell Room and, so, in a way, the room continues to be filled with “harmony.” Some members have found other Sunday morning studies in which to participate and some have joined other Sunday school classes. However, Harmony continues to stay connected through emails, phone calls and lunches. So, in reality, the class remains together—in a different form, at different times and in different places.

    Thank you, Harmony Class, for showing us how to navigate gracefully life transitions and celebrate all God’s blessings and accomplishments. Thank you for reminding us that the bonds of Christian friendship and love cannot be broken. And, most importantly, thank you, Harmony Class, for your faithfulness to God and FUMC Hurst.

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